Autochargers.ca Corporation is a Canadian company which solely focuses on EVSE business. The company operates out of Markham, Ontario from 18,000 square feet facility, and is one of the oldest and most experienced EVSE companies in Canada, supplying the most variety of solutions, equipment and services. Autochargers.ca is one of the most innovative companies in EVSE field as we are the first Ontario EVSE manufacturer. We distribute, resell, install and support EV charging stations all over Canada.

Autochargers.ca has been ChargePoint “Premier Plus” partner for over six years on the Canadian market, achieving the top level of partnership. In 2018 we became a proud partner of Flo, a Canadian manufacturer of charging stations based in Quebec. In conjunction with these leading companies, Autochargers.ca has been selected as an OECM1 Supplier Partner providing charging stations as a turn-key solution through OECM’s Marketplace of products and services (https://oecm.ca/electric-vehicle-supply-equipment). Autochargers.ca has been selected through a competitive sourcing process that complies with the BPS Procurement Directive.

Autochargers.ca is the robust and reliable partner for long term EVSE deployment projects with extensive outreach to over 400 electrical subcontractors across Canada, being able to provide EVSE installation, service and support anywhere in Canada. In Ontario, Autochargers.ca has the best coverage across all territories with access to the best local electrical resources. Autochargers.ca is the only company, which caries both brands approved by OECM: ChargePoint and Flo.

The product range includes Level 3 DC fast charging stations and Level 2 stations suitable for public and fleet application.

1 OECM is a Broader Public Sector, not-for-profit group procurement organization, offering a marketplace of competitively sourced and priced products and services that deliver savings and efficiencies to Ontario’s publicly funded organizations.

Level 3

ChargePoint Express 100

Get More Range in Less Time
++ Charges at a maximum of 100 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour)
++ 24 kW output
++ CCS1 or CHAdeMO connector (1 connector only)
++ Compatible with current and future DC-capable EVs with CCS1 and CHAdeMO connectors
Convenient Form Factor
++ Slim design gives flexibility on installation locations
++ Cable storage and connector holster can be attached to chassis
Flo SmartDC-V2

Multi-Standard DC Fast Charging Station.
Equipped with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo Connectors, the SmartDC-V2 charging station is designed to offer a fast, reliable charging experience for every electric vehicle capable of DC fast-charging.
Express 250 DC Charging Stations

The ChargePoint Express 250 family is designed to meet the fast charging needs of today's and tomorrow’s electric vehicles.
ChargePoint® Express 250 is based on industry-leading DC fast charging technology, engineered to fast charge current and next-generation electric cars, buses and trucks. Each station is equipped with two Power Modules that deliver up to 62.5 kW to a vehicle. The station supports legacy and future battery packs from 200 to 1000 V. High-efficiency power conversion (more than 96% efficiency) reduces electricity costs and wasted energy.

Level 2

CT4K Family these stations

Set the industry standard for functionality and aesthetics.
The CT4000 full motion color LCD display instructs drivers and supports dynamic updates of custom branded videos and advertisements.
Intelligent power management options double the number of parking spaces served by allowing two charging ports to share a single circuit. Sites with single port EV stations can upgrade to dual port stations without requiring additional electrical services.
All CT4000 models offer one or two standard SAE J1772™ Level 2 charging ports with locking holsters, each port supplying up to 7.2kW. With this standard connector, ChargePoint level 2 stations can charge any EV.
Stations are available in bollard and wall mount configurations for easy installation anywhere. All stations are fully software upgradeable remotely over the air.

Smart level 2 charging station for public and commercial applications
The SmartTWO charging station is designed for public locations subject to harsh weather and vandalism.
CPF25 Fleet

CPF25 family of charging stations is designed for fleet applications and are ideally suited for depot charging.
All CPF25 models are Level 2 charging stations that can add up to 25 RPH (miles of range per hour) and are capable of charging some EVs in less than four hours.
The stations come with a standard SAE J1772™ connector that can charge any EV on the road.

Smart level 2 charging station for multi-unit residential buildings, commercial and industrial applications.
The CoRe+ charging station is specifically designed for private applications such as workplaces, multi-unit residential buildings, fleets, and is also suitable for public spaces.


If you have any questions about starting up the process of mapping the demand for electric vehicle charging stations at your premises, we will provide a quote based on requirements by eventually finalizing supply and install of charging stations on site.

Please give us a call at 905 660 11 71, or send your inquiry to oecm@autocharges.ca and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.