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Home Charger Display program

Home Display Program for auto dealers by Autochargers.ca - a great tool to help selling EVs.

We carry a wide variety of different EV Charging stations and are experts in this field with our 4 years of sales and installation experience, Canada-wide, since 2013.

We will explain, educate and recommend your EV buyers the best equipment for their needs and will take care of installation and government rebates.

We will make sure your sales people concentrate on selling EV while we deal with all EV charger nuances and particulars.

By enrolling in the Home Display Program by Autochargers.ca, automotive dealerships receive a 3-year full warranty for all installed charging equipment.

By enrolling to the Home Display program, Dealership agrees to the following :
Dealership responsibilities:

Display stand in the dealership beside the EV or PHEV vehicle for a period of 3 years.

Place brochures in the stands' pouch

Recommend Home station provided on the stand for potential EV buyers as full solution: selection of proper EV charger, installation and help with rebate application.

Provide 110 volt outlet for Home Display LED lights, additional 240 Volt 20 Amp outlet recommended for the actual Charger as well.

Dealership gets:

Full warranty for all installed (By Autochargers.ca) charging equipment with 1 business day response time and 10 business days replacement/fix guarantee.

Brochures to be placed in the Home Stand pouch provided by Autochargers.ca.

If the dealership provides 20 Amp 240 Volt power for the stand, Home Display unit can charge EVs at the display as it is a fully operational unit.

Autochargers.ca provide potential EV buyers with one point of contact for station selection, installation and rebate application in both single and multi family residences.

Autochargers.ca represented Canada-wide with its network of electrical contractors across the country. 3 business days quote guarantee and 10 business days installation guarantee for single family residences, anywhere in Canada.

Brochures have unique tracking code which provide customer with additional $10 off the Home Charger purchase. With each purchase, Dealership gets $20 "BONUS POINTS" into its account. Bonus points can be used towards purchase of EVSE hardware and software from the Autochargers.ca web site.

Enrollment is available for registered auto dealers only!

Enrollment is available for registered auto dealers only!