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Condo residents registration

If your community has signed up for ChargePoint’s Multi-Family Home Service, fill out the form below to order your personal charging station. Make sure to correctly select the name of your Condominium Corporation or Strata and let us know if you need an installation quote for your new charger.

If you do not see the name of your community listed, then contact Autochargers to get help bring the ChargePoint Multi-Family Home Service to your community.

How it works

1) Fill out and submit the form below.

2) Once we receive your request, we will contact your condominium board and verify you have been approved for a charging station installation. Note, it is possible your community will require you to fill out additional paperwork. We cannot ship your station until we get confirmation that you have been authorized.

3) Once we receive your community’s authorization, you will receive notification email and will be able to access our special price catalogue for qualified ChargePoint personal chargers and can make a purchase online.

4) If you have requested an installation quote, an electrician will contact you within 3 business days to make arrangements for a site walk in order to provide you with an electrical installation quote.

5) Once the station is installed, you will need to request enrollment into the MultiFamily Home Service using your ChargePoint Mobile App. Your property manager will be able to provide you with your property's unique Code.
Protection code

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