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Boris Molchadsky20.04.2021
Just bought 2 units of ChargePoint 50a.
Great team, best products and price!
thank you!
I just purchased and installed a Grizzle charger and couldn't be happier!! I had some difficulties along the way(all my fault) and the customer service was amazing!!! I received a prompt response from Gleb(the CEO) with an immediate resolution to my first mistake. I then proceeded to make another error(I know, right?) and feeling like an idiot, I called to get it fixed and Anna was so kind and helpful to get everything straightened out. It is now installed, looks great and works great!! Great product and great service!!! Thank you so much Anna and Gleb!!! You've got my recommendation for sure!!
Jay G.06.11.2020
My wife and I just purchased a Grizzl-E home charger from the Autochargers store. We were extremely pleased with the service that we received on the day of the purchase. After having spoken with and ordered with Anna on the phone, our order was ready when we arrived. She gave us all the necessary information to install the unit, and answered the few questions that we had. As importantly, I was relieved to find a place that was specifically geared to EV's/EV chargers, as I had experienced a great deal of difficulty finding anyone anywhere that was knowledgeable in the area. Nice to be able to plug our car in while we were there, too! Thanks for a great experience.
Dale Carter15.09.2020
Recently purchased a BEV and had a question regarding the purchase of a charger. Autochargers had the model I wanted at a very good price. Anna was very helpful and my charger was shipped very fast. Extremely pleased with Anna and Autochargers. Thank you.
Richard Muise29.07.2020
Great service from this team. I called with questions and they were prompt and helpful. Then I made a small error in my order, left a message late Friday expecting a call early the following week. I got a call late Saturday afternoon (outside business hours) to assure me that the change would be made to the order. Then, they said there would be no charge for the small extra part, and the order was delivered by the original promised date. Everything was great!
Victor 03.07.2020
We researched purchasing a charger quite extensively. We found it to be quite confusing as there were so many types and options and pricing . We had settled on buying a charger with many bells and whistles , until we realized that all we needed was a simple , sturdy and well built charger. We purchased the grizzl-e model and we are extremely satisfied.
The staff and owners at autocharger.ca are honest and straightforward people who took the time to not only speak with us , but also followed up a few times to address our concerns .
Their follow up was a clear sign that they cared about their customers and their business and we are glad to have purchased from them .
Timothy Rigg02.07.2020
The ev charger is installed and first use was successful - look forward to many more.
Hi Tim! Thank you so much for your review! We wish you to have more guests, with electric vehicles especially, at your amazing place ! Anna
Karen F.05.03.2020
We had an EV charger installed in our garage today by Vladimir and I have to say that he was fantastic and efficient! His work was above and beyond what I expected. He was extremely professional and explained how he was going to do the job before he got started. He also patiently answered all of my questions/concerns and leading up to when he actually came to my house he would always answer my calls and even video chatted with me to make sure the workspace was ready for him (at my request). The work he did is clean and perfect and looks so great! I will definitely recommend Autochargers.ca to friends and family!. I can't wait to pick up our Tesla now:) Thanks so much Vladimir!!!
Dear Karen! Thank you so much for such amazing words! Would you be against to leave a review at our Page on Google Maps? Autochargers.ca Thank you in advance! We happy when our customers are happy) Anna
Anna, the Office Manager provided me with excellent customer care, stayed late in bad weather to complete the sale of my Grizzl_E charger, and applied the 25% rebate upfront! Now we can charge at home.
Thank you plugndrive.ca for recommending Autochargers.ca
Thank you so much, Dustin! Anna

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