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David O. (16.11.2016)

Thanks for your email.

The product is working perfectly with no issues.

Best regards,


Hi David, Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. Glad to hear all is well, we are always here to help! Enjoy your day. Team

Andrew I. (06.10.2016)
Thanks for the follow-up. The charger is working great. No problems whatsoever. It is a very simple but robust design -- I like it.

We already have a Chargepoint station at our workplace. We are owners in the same building as Greenlife, and that’s how I found out about the Chargepoint Home to begin with. Greenlife recently installed a dual Chargepoint public station outside, and we have 2 additional private Chargepoint EV chargers on the inside, so that meets our buildings needs.

Thank you for your feedback, Andrew! We are happy to know that you are all set up!!! Enjoy your stations! Team

Peter B. (05.10.2016)
Thanks for your follow up note. I am retired and live in a small adult lifestyle community of 135 homes in Kingston. I am the only one with a plug in style EV Hybrid (Volt). Since purchase I have been please and thank you very much for such friendly and prompt customer service. Take care.

Thank you very much, Peter, for your warm words. Team

Brian S. (05.10.2016)
Thanks. Charger works great.

Hi Brian, Thank you very much for your feedback. Have a fantastic day! :-) Team.

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