Discount Policies:
Only ONE largest discount applies for the order. Discounts can not be combined.
Example: If you live in Ontario and receive 25% ESR rebate discount, no other discounts will apply to your order as 25% discount is the largest discount for this product you can get.

Our Return and Exchange policy:

All EV Chargers Return Policy
: Accept returns within 30 days from purchase in original unopened packaging.

Warranty Information:

ChargePoint Home Units - 3 year warranty, provided by manufacturer
JuiceBox all units - 3 year warranty provided by Enel-X
EVoInnovate all units - 3 year warranty provided by manufacturer
EVduty - limited warranty: 5 years (3 yrs for the cable/connector) provided by manufacture

To be eligible for warranty, ESA inspection certificate for Ontario or provincial inspection certificate for installation of the charger should be submitted.

If warranty is provided by manufacturer, please contact manufacturer directly for all warranty claims.

If Autocharger.ca performed the installation of a charger, the labour warranty is one (1) year effective the date of the station activation, or it became operable.