Dear EV drivers and EV drivers-to-be!

We are providing Frequently Asked Questions to improve your shopping
experience. We are updating this FAQ regularly to include most common
questions and answers.

Please give us a call if you have any questions, we would be happy to help!

1. Which Home charger will work with my car?

Any home charger we have on the website will work with any EV car

2. Are there any specific chargers for any specific car?

No, all Level 2 EV chargers work with ALL EVs or plug in hybrid cars. There are 3 levels
of EV charging: Level 1 is 110 volt home outlet and it adds about 3-5 kilometers
per hour to your battery, Level 2 is what we sell at Home Chargers section and
they add about 20 to 50 kilometers per hour to your EV battery. Level 3 are DC QUICK
chargers and they charge your car in about 30 to 60 minutes to full.
Level 2 chargers are the best for your home. it is impossible to install a Level 3 charger
at your home.

3. How fast the home charger charges the vehicle?

In order to understand how fast your vehicle would charge, calculate this way:
How many Amps is your Level 2 charger that is how many additional kilometers per hour
your EV battery would gain until full. Please also note, when your EV battery is
over 80% full, it will draw half of the power for the remaining 20% of the battery.
Example: JuiceBox Pro 40 adds about 50 kilometers per hour, ChargePoint Home
and FLO chargers about 40, AeroVironment EVSE about 35, AeroVironment TurboCord about 15-20 kilometers per hour.

4. What is the difference between the Smart and non-smart chargers?

Non-smart chargers only capable of charging your EV, Smart chargers have
many additional features, mostly provided through home WiFi connection. You can
schedule charging times, remotely stop or start charging, get statistics of your
usage and associate $ value with it to know how much you spending per day or
 per month.

5. What is a Grid Smart Charger?

JuiceBox, for example, is the Grid Smart charger. This means, utility company potentially
can take control over it like they do with air conditioners to prevent overload of the transformers.
JuiceBox has been selected for many utility and power distribution companies in California, and it
is not long till the Grid Smart charging will become the only allowed standard to be used in individual houses.

6. Which chargers would you recommend?

We try to stay brand neutral, but if you have ability to connect your charger to WiFi, we
definitely would recommend to buy a smart charger. Smart charger is a better choice because
it is future proof, can be adopted to different future electric cars. There is sometimes no price
difference between smart and non smart charger.

7. Can I offer my home charger to other people as a service?

The only charger which you can offer to the public for a fee is JuiceBox with its new peer to peer
EV charging platform. You can participate in the beta testing now and soon this feature would be
available to everybody, so if you like, you would be able to make some money with your home
charger as well.

8. Which EV Home chargers you sell have load sharing ability?

If you planning to purchase 2 Home chargers, it is wise to buy chargers which can share your existing
40 or 50 amps line. The reason is, average household does not have enough power to run 2 chargers
at full power at the same time. Chargers we currently sell, which can do power sharing is
JuiceBox Pro 40 and FLO Chargers. If you planning to have 2 chargers per your garage, JuiceBox Pro 40 or FLO Chargers is the right choice.

9. What are the top selling chargers in USA and in Canada?

We carry only premium top selling brands. For Smart Chargers, top sellers are JuiceBox (number 1 on Amazon USA)
 AeroVironment and ChargePoint Home.  Made in Canada chargers are FLO Chargers and JuiceBox Pro chargers.

10. If I live in the Multi Family Home (High rise, low rise condos or strata), which charger should I purchase?

Condominiums are more complex to get EV charging at your dedicated spot. Please contact our specialist
to arrange a site visit to your Condo or Strata. Usually it takes about 3 to 6 months to arrange EV charging
in a multi family residence, please keep this in mind. Currently JuiceBox Pro 40 and ChargePoint Multi-Family
Chargers provide required software platform to be placed in the multi family residences.