Dear EV drivers and EV drivers-to-be!

We are providing Frequently Asked Questions to improve your shopping experience. We are updating this FAQ regularly to include most common
questions and answers. Please give us a call if you have any questions, we would be happy to help!

Can Grizzl-E EV charger charge all EVs on the road?

Yes, Grizzl-E EV charger was tested to work with all Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids, it is as well adopted to perfectly work with Tesla electric vehicles (need to use J1772 to Tesla adapter). Grizzl-E EV charger will fit for your next EV, so you would not need to change your EV charger along with your car. Your charger will stay with you for at least 5 to 10 years. Grizzl-E EV charger was made to last. It works best with Tesla vehicles as Tesla can draw maximum current from the charger - 10KW. Not many modern EVs from other manufacturers can do that.

Is Grizzl-E EV Charger portable?

Yes, you can easily remove the locking pin and lift the charger off the cradle and take it with you. We have special outdoor locks, soft carrying cases, additional wall cradles, plug holders in the accessories section on the web site.

Is Grizzl-E UL and cUL certified?

Yes, we are UL certified for Canada and the USA.

Is Grizzl-E on the approved EV chargers list in Quebec and British Columbia?

Yes, it is on Quebec Approved EV chargers list. Since February 2020, it is on the list of BC Hydro approved chargers.

What level of charging Grizzl-E EV charger provides?

Grizzl-E EV charger is a level 2 charging station. It provides between 16 Amp and 40 Amp of maximum continuous output to the EV or PHEV. The maximum current output is regulated physically by DIP switches on Grizzl-E EVSE board. By default, factory settings are 40 Amps or 10 KW. The manufacturer can preset the power output according to customers' request. Please let us know about it while purchasing the charger.

Is Grizzl-E made of cheap Chinese parts?

Of course, not! We only import the best EVSE cables from China. Premium cable is specially made to withstand a cold climate and is flexible even at -30C. Regular cable quality is the same or better than most other EVSE on the market. Due to the cold climate, we do not sell regular cable in Canada, only in the USA and recommend using the regular cable only in warm climate states. All the other parts of the charger are made in Canada with the highest quality and best workmanship, in compliance with all required certifications and regulations. Our 20,000 sq. ft warehousing and assembly facility in Markham, Ontario, might not look so advanced, as we only do final assembly and testing on the assembly line. We make PCB boards with respected and very modern Canadian manufacturer. Please check out our channel on youtube.com. We have a special video explaining and showing how and why we make Grizzl-E. Video is available on the first page of the www.grizll-e.com website. PCB manufacturing is the only high-tech process in making EVSE. We do a manual assembly at our facility and the most important multiple quality-control tests to ensure that every charger leaving our assembly line is fully tested and fault-proof.

Why is Grizzl-e so inexpensive? Does it mean it was made of cheap components?

Grizzl-e is inexpensive because of its goal, its reason. Our company, United Chargers, made this charger in order to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles in North America. Grizzl-E is made of premium components mostly made in Canada. Our manufacturing profit is sustainable; this is why the charger is cheaper than most competitors on the market. It is comparable with the price of Chinese made products.

Can I adjust my maximum output current on the Grizzl-E EV charger to use a smaller breaker if my current electric panel does not support 50 Amp breaker?

Yes, Grizzl-E was made to be able to accommodate various output modes: 16 Amp for 20 Amp dedicated breaker, 24 Amp for 30 Amp dedicated breaker, 32 Amp for 40 Amp dedicated breaker and factory default to 40 Amp for 50 Amp dedicated breaker. The factory setting is 40 Amp, and this is the maximum power output set up. If you need to set up Grizzl-E for 20, 30 or 40 Amp breaker, please remove the front cover of the charger and adjust DIP switches inside. Grizzl-E EVSE was made the way that opening the box does not void the charger warranty, and there are no loose parts of wires inside the unit. When opening the box, try not to open it when humidity in your place is over 90 percent. That will prolong the service time of the charger. But even with 100% humidity, the charger will be in service for a very long time. Also, the manufacturer can preset the power output according to customers' request. Please let us know about it while purchasing the charger.

Why do you need to open the charger and use DIP switches in order to set the current output? Why did you not create some app to change it?

We did it on purpose because this is the sure way to set up maximum output current, which would be acceptable by most Electrical Codes and inspectors in North America. There are many EV Chargers with the ability to set the current output via the app. Unfortunately, as easy it is to set up, easy to change those in mobile app settings by mistake and put the electrical infrastructure of your home in potential danger. If there is an app managing the maximum current output, many inspectors in different regions of North America only can approve the use of the charger with the maximum available circuit. In other words, you can not legally place such charger by many Electrical Authorities on any current less than maximum available current. If you would have used an app to control the maximum current output of Grizzl-E, you only could use it with a 50 Amps breaker. This kills the idea of having variable current settings EXCEPT you physically move some switches inside the charger. This is why you have to open the box to change the maximum available current. Factory settings are set to 40 Amps output.

Why did you not make Grizzl-E Smart EVSE with App and remote control?

Because the goal and purpose of Grizzl-E EVSE are to be affordable and robust. We eliminated all unnecessary components from the unit during the design stage to make it less expensive and potentially more robust and problem-free. Many of the current "smart" chargers on the market, in most cases, only mimic the functionality already provided by Electric Vehicle or Plug-In Hybrid on its own. Most of the electric vehicles are controllable remotely through its own app and can schedule charging, start and stop charging, etc. By having a charger with the app and remote control, in most cases, you pay extra for the features you don't need to use. You might have all those features built-in your vehicle already.
It is not extremely hard to make the app to control the charger, but we are going beyond and above that. For customers who love smart features, we are launching soon the new Super Smart EV Charging system called Alpha. The release is planned for December, 2020. We will bring new meaning to smart charging technology.

Where can I adjust the output mode for the charger to set maximum output current to the value my panel can accommodate?

Please refer to the manual to adjust the maximum current for the Grizzl-E EV charger. 

Are you going to add more EV chargers to Grizzl-E product line?

Yes, of course! We are working on a few more exciting and innovative additions to the Grizzl-E EVSE product line. There will be three more new and possibly game-changing products released in 2020 with the Grizzl-E brand.

Do I need to use any apps or the internet to use my charger?

No, Grizzl-E charger was made to be very simple to use: just plug it into the car, and charging will start.

How long would it take to charge my car with the Grizzl-E EV charger?

It depends on the maximum current output. When the maximum current output is set to 16 Amp, Grizzl-E will be adding about 10 miles per hour to your EV or PHEV battery until its fully charged. At 24 Amp, it will add about 18 miles per hour. At 32 Amp, about 25 miles per hour. At its maximum 40 Amp output, it will be adding about 30 miles
per hour to your EV or PHEV battery. Please note that your EV can have its own limits. If your PHEV can accept only 3.6 kW, the charger, even if it works at full power (40 Amps / 10 kW), will charge the vehicle at 3.6 kW.

Is Grizzl-E made in Canada?

Yes, Grizzl-E EV charger is proudly designed and built in Canada. It is engineered from scratch to be one of the most robust and long-lasting EV chargers on this planet, to withstand elements and harsh weather conditions. Grizzl-E takes on cold and heat, snow or rain with its full airtight NEMA 4 aluminum cast enclosure and selection of premium or кegular output cables for different climate conditions.

What is the difference between regular and premium сables?

We would like to bring you a choice of output cable to improve your charging experience in different climate conditions as well as in different installation locations. The regular cable is the cable, which is used by the majority of EV charging stations and is suitable for indoor or outdoor usage in mild to hot climate conditions. Premium cable can be used in cold climate conditions. The premium cable has more flexibility in cold weather than the regular cable. We recommend using it in cold climate conditions.

How is the warranty supported from Canada? Can I rely on a Canadian company to keep me protected for warranty claims?

Absolutely! Your flawless EV charging is our number one priority! Grizzl-E EV charger was made with the selection of components to prolong the lifespan of the unit beyond 5-10 years of use. Each charger was checked and QA controlled through the production process. If there would be an issue with the performance of the product, we will replace it free of charge within one business day. Please contact the manufacturer's toll-free support line +1-833-840-4970 or open a ticket under your account, and we will contact you immediately to solve the issue.

Grizzl-E and JuiceBox: Are they related?

The manufacturing cost of metal enclosures is significantly higher in comparison to most of plastic enclosures. There are not many EV chargers on the market which utilize metal enclosures. For example, the next generation of JuiceBox 2.0 by Enel X is available only in the plastic enclosure, as Enel X redesigned the JuiceBox 1.0 charger and not using generic and freely available on the market metal rectangular enclosure anymore.
Grizzl-E is made to withstand the harsh and extreme climate conditions of the Canadian North. We made it in a metal box enclosure, which is the best for such conditions provided NEMA 4 air and waterproof rating of the charger, despite the costs, as this is important to make a robust charger. Most electrical NEMA rated metal boxes on the market utilize the same constructing principles, such as a lid with four screws in a rectangular box.
Grizzl-E uses an aluminum metal enclosure with NEMA 4 ratings which you can actually power wash. Due to certification requirements for connectivity of cables to metal enclosures, Grizzl-E enclosure might look somewhat similar to the metal enclosure used on the first version of JuiceBox. Here any possible similarities end. Grizzl-E purpose and goal, components and parts, market and features are totally different. Grizzl-E is an inexpensive non-smart EVSE with DIP switches inside the box to control the maximum output current. JuiceBox is a smart and significantly more expensive connected EVSE with WiFi and the ability to adjust maximum power output through the app. Grizzl-E is NOT associated or related in any way with the respected and trademarked product of Enel X previous generation of JuiceBox. All trademarks mentioned here belong to their respected owners.

Which Home charger will work with my car?

Any home charger we have on the website will work with any EV car

Are there any specific chargers for any specific car?

No, all Level 2 EV chargers work with ALL EVs or plug in hybrid cars. There are 3 levels of EV charging: Level 1 is 110 volt home outlet and it adds about 3-5 kilometers per hour to your battery, Level 2 is what we sell at Home Chargers section and they add about 20 to 50 kilometers per hour to your EV battery. Level 3 are DC QUICK chargers and they charge your car in about 30 to 60 minutes to full. Level 2 chargers are the best for your home. it is impossible to install a Level 3 charger at your home.

How fast the home charger charges the vehicle?

To understand how fast your vehicle would charge, calculate this way: how many Amps your Level 2 charger is, that is how many additional kilometers per hour your EV battery would gain until full. Please also note, when your EV battery is over 80% full, it will draw half of the power for the remaining 20% of the battery. Example: ChargePoint Flex adds about 55 kilometers per hour, Grizzl-E – 50, Bosch or FLO chargers about 40,

What is the difference between the Smart and non-smart chargers?

Non-smart chargers only capable of charging your EV, Smart chargers have many additional features, mostly provided through home Wi-Fi connection. You can schedule charging times, remotely stop or start charging, get statistics of your usage and associate $ value with it to know how much you spending per day or per month.

What is a Grid Smart Charger?

JuiceBox, for example, is the Grid Smart charger. This means, utility company potentially can take control over it like they do with air conditioners to prevent overload of the transformers. JuiceBox has been selected for many utility and power distribution companies in California, and it  is not long till the Grid Smart charging will become the only allowed standard to be used in individual houses.

Which chargers would you recommend?

We try to stay brand neutral, but if you have ability to connect your charger to Wi-Fi, we definitely would recommend to buy a smart charger. Smart charger is a better choice because  it is future proof, can be adopted to different future electric cars. There is sometimes no price difference between smart and non smart charger.

Can I offer my home charger to other people as a service?

The only charger which you can offer to the public for a fee is JuiceBox with its new peer to peer EV charging platform. You can participate in the beta testing now and soon this feature would be  available to everybody, so if you like, you would be able to make some money with your home charger as well.

Which EV Home chargers you sell have load sharing ability?

If you planning to purchase 2 Home chargers, it is wise to buy chargers which can share your existing 40 or 50 amps line. The reason is, average household does not have enough power to run 2 chargers at full power at the same time. Chargers we currently sell, which can do power sharing is  JuiceBox Pro 40 and FLO Chargers. If you planning to have 2 chargers per your garage, JuiceBox Pro 40 or FLO Chargers is the right choice.

If I live in the Multi-Family Home (high rise, low rise condos or strata), which charger should I purchase?

Condominiums are more complex to get EV charging at your dedicated spot. Please contact our specialist to arrange a site visit to your Condo or Strata. Usually it takes about 3 to 6 months to arrange EV charging in a multi family residence, please keep this in mind. Currently JuiceBox Pro 40 and ChargePoint Multi-Family Chargers provide required software platform to be placed in the multi family residences.