A CT4000 station is installed in the City of Burlington municipal garage.

Excellent work by the City of Burlington to deploy dual CT4021 harbor station in the garage.
Opening Ceremony will take place on 26 August.
Here is the short circulation of the review:

Burlington Post
By Michael Gregory

Burlington has unveiled the first electric charging station on municipal property Wednesday, which makes it easier for motorists anxious environmental recharge while in the city center.

I think this as another step further in an impact with regard to climate change, "Mayor Rick Goldring" said at the inauguration.

The electric vehicle (EV) charging station is located on the first level of the garage at 414 Locust Street, adjacent to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

Industry leader ChargePoint Inc., based in California, produced the fourth generation model $ 10,000 which will be free to anyone paying to park in the garage.
"I think this as another step further in an impact with regard to climate change," Mayor Rick Goldring.

According to data collected by the city, there are about 80 homes with the electric cars. However, Canadians across the country own 350,000 vehicles.

"As technology improves there will be more electric vehicles because the reduced cost of entry," Goldring said.

EV drivers will have access to two ports that can load vehicles like the Nissan Leaf on display at the opening, in about four hours.

The costs associated with the city would be about $ 0.70 cents an hour with the port providing 6.6kW.

ChargePoint users can also use an app to check availability of the resort, or find other locations, such as the Burlington GO Station or Mapleview Mall.

In North America, there are nearly 24 000 ChargePoint stations.

Gleb Nikiforov, Director of autochargers.ca, distributor of the product, said that the stations are "sophisticated software and hardware. "

"You can influence the driver's behavior with these stations," said Nikiforov.

"In California right now it is nonsense if a mall or a parking garage is not a recharging station ... this is an essential service already because so many people have electric (vehicles) and who will be here as well. "

Nikiforov said similar commercial ChargePoint stations in North America costs $ 1.50 per hour, and the recovery period is four years if the increased use two hours a year during this period.

Community Energy Plan identified Burlington charging stations by 2014 as a priority to encourage the use of fuel efficient vehicles and reduce emissions.

"It is within the Community Energy Plan and our goals around transportation because transportation accounts for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in the city," said Goldring.

Gareth Williams, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee of Burlington and also own an EV, said that the station is a draw for people to visit the area.

"It's very exciting to have a (charging station) in downtown Burlington. It is a destination for EV of the Golden Horseshoe, "said Williams, adding that it" builds confidence in the existence of a public office and makes people think that's an option for me. "

The city hosts a think Outside the Car Challenge in September to 15 October 30 where residents are invited to take alternative forms of transportation such as walking, cycling and transit, instead of using their vehicle.

For more information, see: http://www.burlington.ca/en/services-for-you/Think-Outside-the-Car.asp