Honda Clarity PHEV; Testing the range 100 to 0.

The Honda Clarity PHEV sure does, considering its just a plug-in hybrid and not a pure electric vehicle.

But how far can it really go on battery alone?
 These real-world tests are far more useful than EPA ratings, which are gathered from lab tests and such. Simulations in controlled environments can only simulate so much.

Officially, the Clarity PHEV is rated at 47 miles of all-electric range, but can it beat that number? Let’s find out in this 100% to 0% battery range test video here.

Video description:

The ALL NEW, 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid. At the moment in 2019, it is the most spacious PHEV car on the market.
Right after the Chevy Volt 2nd Gen, the Clarity gets an impressive 47 miles of electric range.

We start with a range test seeing just how far a full charge can take us. Results are quite impressive….