5 Reasons Why Condo & Apartment Owners Should Invest in an Open Network Charging Station

Electric vehicles are here to stay. Millions of people all over the world have chosen to embrace EVs for a wide variety of economic and environmental reasons. As EV technology becomes cheaper and more readily available, there’s no doubt that those numbers are going to keep climbing.

Many landlords and property managers are realizing that investing in EV charging stations just makes sense. Offering electric car charging for apartments is becoming a pivotal way to attract new renters. After all, EVs are only going to become increasingly common, and now is the time to get on board. Here are five reasons why you should consider installing an open network charging station on your property.

1. Attract New Tenants

For many EV drivers, having a charging station available where they live is a huge perk. If your building’s parking lot has charging stations available for tenant use, that’s a huge selling point that you can use to entice a potential tenant. Overall, people who drive EVs tend to have higher incomes and often live more environmentally conscious lifestyles.

2. Earn Extra Income
While you can offer EV charging as a free service, you can also charge a fee. If you’re looking for a way to generate some extra revenue without raising the rent, EV charging stations are a solid option. EVConnect is the most open and flexible charging network platform, allowing you to choose your own pricing, as well as your preferred equipment.

3. Earn Tax Credits

Electric vehicles improve society. That’s why there are government tax credits and rebates in place to offset the cost. Just like solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations often pay for themselves thanks to the generous tax credits and rebates, as well as the residual income. There are federal and state opportunities available, so be sure to check your local incentives.

4. Boost Your Reputation
When businesses go green, people take notice. You can include your EV charging station in your marketing materials to advertise your building as a modern, eco-friendly place to live, with apartments that offer electric car charging capabilities. You can stand out from your competition by adopting this exciting technology early. In addition to pleasing your tenants, you can be confident that the community as a whole will appreciate your efforts.

5. Save the World

Taking steps to promote sustainability is the key to fighting climate change, and implementing EV charging stations is a huge leap forward. While you’re still using grid-based electricity, reducing the amount of fuel-based cars on the road is a tremendous achievement, and you can feel good knowing that you’re a part of an important movement.

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