ChargePoint charging station demo unit is on the display at Toronto Green Living Show

Here is a picture of the ride Plug'n Drive set up at the Green Living Show in Toronto on March 27th to 29th. We had 3 vehicles to be tested, a Mitsubishi iMiEV, a Ford Focus and Nissan Leaf. Participating just after us was the BMW i3. As you can see, the demonstration ChargePoint loader was set up on the sidewalk and connected to 240V power supply to the load for our road cars Ride. We managed over 150 test drives on test day 2 1/2. Each person who went for a drive the car had to disconnect and reconnect before leaving the car at the back, using the only charger we had on display, ChargePoint unit. It worked perfectly! We also had a direct implementation DDU our table at our booth where we signed people for test drives. The light display was an "attention getter" and many people who walked by our stands were asking how to work the ChargePoint product.