2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio: Perfect urban two seater!

For 2018/19, there is now a funky All-Electric version of the venerable Smart Car. Hard to believe the little Smart car had been around for ten years now. It still keeps the same format, a unique looking, tiny, two door –two seater car with a teeny hatchback. It is available as a hardtop or cabrio as tested. There has been restyling and changes to the exterior and interior, but it is still identifiably a Smart Car.  The All Electric Smart car will now be the only Smart Car available to buy in Canada as the gas powered model is phased out of showrooms. New changes include an updated digital dash display for the Smart EV’s current charge, and a better charging system. The Smart Electric is powered by a Three-phase synchronous 60-kW motor, 17.6-kWh battery and is teamed up with an Electric Drive transmission.  The on-board charger is rated at 7.2 kW, which means it can charge 80 per cent of the battery in two-and-a-half hours when plugged into a 32-amp power source. The hardtop Smart Car offers 160 km of gas-free driving range officially, while the cabriolet’s range is officially 155 kilometres, five kilometres less due to the extra 30 kilograms of strengthening. Actual range, as with all EV Vehicle is also dependent on driving style, passenger and cargo load, terrain and other factors The Smart, with its small size is a delight to whizz around in around the city. Maneuvering in and around tight spaces is easy. Excellent visibility and the airy cabin offer a great driving experience, even better with the top down on the cabrio! The light weight coupled with the instant torque of the electric motor only compliments the fun-to-drive factor. While braking feel for an EV is a revelation.   Zero-to-100 km/h takes just over 11 seconds, and the car’s top speed is 130 km/h.  Downsides are the rough ride due in part to the short wheelbase and skinny tires.  It is also expensive considering what you get. However ever widely available government incentives in some Canadian provinces can offset the purchase cost. British Columbia offers a rebates of $5,000 – if you buy an electric car. The Smart RV is very much a niche car. Dedicated buyers will no doubt be enthralled by the unique, quirky design, improved and refined. With zero emissions, the Smart EV is the   ultimate city car that’s well recommended. 2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio: price with options- $34,890 More info at www.smart.ca