Why is ChargePoint more expensive?

Let's talk about cell phones. Yes, the main idea of ​​the cell phone is  to be able to send and receive phone calls. ALL CELL PHONES CAN DO SO.

So why is Apple's iPhone $ 700 - 1000 $ when you can get a cell phone for $ 50 and still it will always be the same: to make and receive phone calls (in our case - electric vehicle charging) .

You know why, and everyone knows why.

It is not a value to make and receive phone calls. Any phone can do it. What is important is the software that comes with it. Even  by comparing Android and iPhone OS, there is a huge difference in price and quality and approach which android phone makers and Apple to the cell phone software.

Apple makes the hardware and software made especially for her. Android is the software, with any hardware. This is why Apple products are better.

Now compared to EV charging stations: all other manufacturers make thousands of different products, not only on EV charging STATIONS. It is not their main activity. Some of them have a network, other software are outsourcing companies.
ChargePoint is the only company on the market that makes its own hardware and SOFTWARE. It is the only business it's engaged in.
And this prevents ChargePoint from being a profitable business.
Now why would your iPhone costs from 2 to 10 times more than any other cell phone on the market? You know you can buy the best. You know who is the best. If you do not buy the best, it will become your problem.
We must not simply buy a cell phone to make and receive phone calls. Because next year, you have to buy another one just because you can not open an MS Word document and read it when you need to. Now you might think: I only need to make and receive calls, until your competitors are beginning to use the software on the EV charging station to their advantage. Then the investment in any other EV charging station will become obsolete and you would need to invest again.