Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada Keep Growing In October

The three-digit growth rate of plug-in electric car sales that we have seen during the past eight months (February – September) in Canada comes to an end.
The market is still growing fast – by 68% year-over-year in October – but not like over 200% at its peak when the generous $14,000 CAD incentive to purchase EVs in Ontario was available.
In total, some 3,391 new plug-ins were registered in October, which is enough for 2.1% market share.

Previous month (September) was significantly revised up to 5,403 and 3.12% market share as Tesla Model 3 shot to 1,860 estimated deliveries.
The three best-selling models in October were:
Nissan LEAF – 640 and 5,121 YTD
Tesla Model 3 – 600 and 5,455 YTD (estimated)
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 351 and 4,753 YTD