ChargePoint And FLO Initiate Roaming Agreement In North America

It’s definitely time to move to an open network for EV charging.
It’s not fun or convenient to register for multiple accounts, carry around a bunch of different cards, or incur a handful of access fees. A seamless electric vehicle charging experience is just another step forward that will work to push EV adoption. Now, we have two of North America’s leaders in electric car charging — ChargePoint and FLO — entering into the first ever partnership for the area.

Beginning today, October 16, 2018, EV drivers in North America will be able to access ChargePoint and FLO public chargers as if they’re one in the same. The companies explain that this is similar to roaming between different cell phone carriers. Users won’t have to register separately for both services, nor will they have to pay additional fees. This will give them combined access to some 33,000 public charging stations, making travel across the continent more hassle-free.

This latest announcement is a huge advancement for electric vehicle owners and those considering going electric. We can only hope that it lights a fire among other companies and similar deals will be made in the near future.