Nearly 100 Electric Vehicles on the Market by 2022

On our website, you often read about manufacturers’ announcements regarding the development of new electric vehicles or electrified variants of existing models. You also regularly get the message about the automotive universe undergoing a sea change between now and 2025.

Some quick math performed by Automotive News magazine produces a striking prediction for the automotive market: within three years or so, close to 100 electrified vehicles will be available on the North American market.

This would include all-electric models, but also hybrid-powertrain vehicles as well as those with plug-in hybrid systems.

That’s almost one per Dalmatian! Here’s an overview of what some manufacturers are working on for the near-future in terms of electric mobility.


Earlier this year Ford announced investments totalling $11 billion that will go to developing electric systems. The first compelling fully electric Ford-badged model we can expect is the Mustang-inspired SUV, scheduled for 2020. By 2022, the company wants to offer consumers 40 different electric or hybrid versions of its vehicles.


From General Motors, consumers can expect to see around 20 models running on electric power by 2023.


As for Nissan, the Japanese automaker is promising eight different electrified models by 2023. And by 2021, the full lineup of INFINITI vehicles will begin the process of transferring to electrified powertrains.


The Q8 is about to be launched on the market, and in the near-future it will include a plug-in hybrid variant. Next year, the plug-in hybrid version of the e-tron will make its debut in Canada, joining the initial all-electric version. Audi has committed to producing a dozen electrified models by 2025.


The highly anticipated Kona electric is about to make its debut – stay tuned for our first-drive review coming up soon! The safest bet of the week for us is that this new edition of the very popular Hyundai Kona small crossover will be a massive hit in Canada.


Over at Jaguar, the hot topic is the coming of the I-Pace. The luxury SUV is expected at dealers in November, and it will have a range of around 400 km.

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