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Electric Vehicles Sales Update Q2 2018, Canada - Photo

Electric Vehicles Sales Update Q2 2018, Canada

Fast five EV sales facts:

214% Year-over-year growth in EV sales

143% Even without a rush to redeem the Ontario EV incentive and Tesla Model 3 sales, EV sales still grew by 143%

14,626 EVs were sold in Q2 – compared to 11,060 for all of 2016

2,785 Tesla Model 3 sales in its first quarter of availability. Undoubtedly the strongest first quarter for a new EV model.

37 different models of EVs sold in Q2 – lots of options for consumers

EV sales in Canada were exceedingly strong in Q2. A number of factors have formed the ‘perfect storm’ for electric vehicle (EV) sales across Canada. The storm fronts in no particular order are; increased car buyer comfort and interest in the technology, new EV models are purpose-built to fill every nook and cranny of market segments to produce what is, the perfect vehicle for many consumers. A little car called the Tesla Model 3 was released into the Canadian market. Also, the concern about potentially losing the Ontario EV incentive had the effect of a shot-clock which had many in the Province rush to get an order in for an EV before the election took place. Indeed, shortly after the election, the EV incentive was removed.

Date: 04.10.2018