is now a strategic partner of EVBox in Canada

Easy to use
BusinessLine tracks and invoices all your charging sessions automatically. Available with double connectors and optional fixed cables, BusinessLine also allows two cars to charge simultaneously. Its unique LED ring ensures an optimal communication between you, the station, and your charge card provider at all times.

Easy to manage
BusinessLine automatically tracks and settles your charging costs. It can also be configured with various “smart charging” technologies that ensure an energy efficient operation of multiple charging stations, as well as remote maintenance and upgrades.

Efficient and cost-effective
Available in various capacities, BusinessLine consumes the available energy capacity responsibly. With its adjustable charging rates, you can prevent peak usage, as well as earn back your investment.

Customizable with branded colors and labels, BusinessLine always helps you promote a sustainable and innovative identity for your business.

The fully CE-certified BusinessLine is vandal proof, non-flammable and discoloration proof. BusinessLine’s robust and modular build makes it easy to install and maintain.

*All specifications of the chargers are listed on our website

BusinessLine EVBox (click here for link)