Why we do not give our stations for free?

Top 5 of the reasons why we do not give our stations free of charge:

1. Our stations are the only stations that rejuvenates itself in 4-5 years even if used only 2 hours a day.

2. Station owners want to deal with sustainable business that will be there for you in the long term. The companies that we compete with who offer free distribution stations will be out of business EV Charging as some have already done. If your product is good, you should not give it away.
If that's the only way you can win a case, you will go bankrupt soon as mean business to take advantage of all parties to the transaction.

3. A free station that you get will cost $ 10,000 in 4-5 years because the only thing it will do is distribute electricity at your expense. Conversion stations "dump stations" to networked stations cost more then buying network station immediately. Our resort will cost you zero in 4-5 years and will generate a source of income after that. You can not do better than that.

4. It is the simplest reason - it is still 10 times cheaper for consumers to buy the gas at the gas station, and I've never heard of distributing gas service stations for free. At least consider recouping your costs. Although the owner of the station may decide not to pay for the time being, he / she can always with a click of a mouse place the burden later. The way you want to slice it, we can deliver any charge model you can think of.

5. Person on the market will have this comprehensive set of features, driver and owner of the ChargePoint station as support. We are leaders in this area and there is a good reason why we do not give our EV charging stations for free.