• Charges EV in less than 1 hour (typically)
  • Two charging DC outputs, CCS Combo 1 and CHAdeMO
  • Compact design for fast & economic installation
  • Maintenance free cooling system without air filter
  • Compatible with all AC networks, 1-Phase & 3-Phase
  • Robust design for outdoor use (IP 54 / IK 10)
  • Dual Modem for separate operation & maintenance activities
  • OCPP1.6 for Smart Charging

Main features

With its compact design, the Grizzl-E Kodiak Edition DUAL can be installed in less than two hours, either on a wall or on a pedestal (optional). Its 25 kW output power will charge any electric vehicle typically in one hour hour, independently of their protocols (Combo 1 and CHAdeMO). Based on a unique design without air filter, the maintenance needs are greatly reduced. It is an ideal solution for providing fast charging points at car dealerships, service centers, or for any utility vehicle or enterprise fleet. Wireless connection via OCPP1.6 makes possible over-the-air upgrades, supervision and other remote operations.


Voltage : 480 VAC 50/60Hz 3 Phase (3P + N + Ground)
Nominal input current: 37 A

Voltage : 208V /240 VAC 50/60Hz 3 Phase (3P + Ground)
Nominal input current: 65 A

Voltage : 220V / 240 VAC 50/60Hz 1 or 2 Phase (2P + Ground)
Nominal input current: 112 A

Power factor: > 0,99

Efficiency: 95%


Voltage : 150 VDC to 530 VDC
Current: 1,5 to 65 A
Max output power : 24 kW

Operating temperature: -13 F to +122 F (derating above +95 F)

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