• 50kW (Cube) DC universal charger
  • Movable(on wheels)
  • Optional carrier available for Service Garage
  • All cables interchangeable via Harting connector
  • No installation required
  • Easy connection to power networks
  • 4 LEDs + VFD display for charge monitoring
  • Ethernet, USB and CAN connectors
  • Easy selection of EV charging protocol

Main features

Easy to move, easy to connect , the Cube solution is perfect for daily use in changing environments . Thanks to its Harting connector , the protocol cable can be changed in a matter of minutes, from Combo to CHAdeMO or GB interfaces. Built from years of experience of IES mastering EV protocols , it provides a solid solution for testing new EV cars in development at car manufacturers . Dependable , they are also used to charge batteries at end of EV manufacturing lines . Easily connected to AC Mains without complex installation, they are also well suited for use at car dealerships and garage service centers