HIGH POWER 19.2kW level 2 EV charging for school buses and light-medium duty fleet trucks
High Power Smart EV Charging Stations for Fleet Applications
The Series 7 Plus for Fleets is our most powerful Level 2 charger, 19.2kW (80A), and has all the same features of the Series 7 for Fleets. It features a sleek, elegant design, a slim footprint, rugged aluminum casing, interactive LED lights, recessed LED screen, and is ENERGY STAR certified. It has dual port J-1772 plugs that allow two fleet vehicles to charge at once. The Series 7 Plus is the most powerful Level 2 fleet charging solution on the market and is a cost-effective solution for EV fleets that want to maximize power while minimizing costs.

The SemaConnect Series 7 Plus charging station includes SemaConnect’s Fleet Management Software solution. This cloud-based software offers fleet managers full insights into their fleet and helps ensure all vehicles are 100% charged and ready to deploy. Managers assign a vehicle to a station and receive alerts on departure/return times. Station owners can tie the stations into the building management system and use smart load management features to take advantage of off-peak and partial peak electricity rates. The Fleet Management Software integrates seamlessly with the SemaConnect Network platform of public/commercial EV charging stations, providing owners and managers with visibility into their entire EV charging network. Now fleet managers and building owners can generate robust reports on station utilization, energy efficiency, and return on investment for SemaConnect charging stations.

SemaConnect ’s fleet management capability enables fleet managers to:

• Easily configure a custom fleet program by individual vehicle and major vehicle type or both.

• Track departure, return times, and energy delivered to each vehicle, and monitor charging fees for any of your public chargers.

• Schedule both start and stop of charging sessions to take advantage of off-peak and partial peak electricity rates.

• Receive alerts to notify exceptions in return times, energy delivered and departure times to maximize the daily success of the entire fleet.

• Generate a robust set of reports and analytics.