SmartTWO™ is the Rugged Level 2 Charging Station with a Securely Locked Connector

Product Features

  • Unique locking mechanism that protects the connector[1]; door unlocks on authentication
  • Universally compatible, high-quality J1772 connector designed for 10,000+ charging cycles
  • NEMA 3R aluminum casing for maximum climate resistance and long-term durability
  • Flexible 25’ cable to reach charging port on any vehicle, no matter how it’s parked
  • Certified to operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C (-40 °F to 122 °F)
  • Can be set-up in multiple configurations to suit any parking layout
  • Convenient charging session authentication through RFID card or FLO mobile app
  • Remote control of station access and rates for customized user experience
  • CSA certified