Give your customers, guests, and employees access to best-selling JuiceBox Pro EV charging stations and turn EV charging into your competitive advantage.

JuiceBox Pro is a Level 2 charging station with all the smart charging features that cost-conscious businesses and organizations need to maximize their EV infrastructure investments. Powered by our JuiceNet® smart EV charging platform, JuiceBox Pro offers direct ad

Conveniently monetize your EV charging

Optimize energy costs by controlling charging times and demand charges

Increase grid reliability and support EV adoption

Enhance driver satisfaction & reach sustainability goals

Save on your EVSE investment with high value charging stations

Increase property value & future-proof for EVsministrator control and energy optimization through user-friendly apps and web-based dashboards. Our best-in-class smart charging solutions help you:

Charge up your office with JuiceBox Pro

With flexible power options, built-in cable management and app-based user authentication, JuiceBox Pro charging stations are the perfect solution for any workplace looking to offer user-friendly EV charging to employees, customers and guests. Configure access control settings based on time of day or user group to restrict charging to employees or preferred customers.