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Attention Ontario purchasers: JuiceBox PRO 75 is NOT APPROVED for Ontario Rebate. JuiceBox Pro 40 is fully CSA/cUL certified and approved.

Smart 40-Amp (75-Amp for JuiceBox Pro 75) EV Charging Station (Level 2 EVSE) with 24-foot cable

WiFi connected
High charging speed, 40A / 10 kW
Best-in-class smartphone connectivity
Voice control via Amazon Alexa
Portable: can be removed from the mounting bracket in seconds
New Features coming soon: AirBnB type EV charging with JuiceBox chargers, make money offering our JuiceBox to the public.

JuiceBox Pro is a compact, high power, fully ruggedized and portable electric vehicle charging station (EVSE). It will automatically adjust to provide just as much power as your EV is able to accept. JuiceBox can be plugged into a dryer, RV-type or regular wall outlet with available adapters.
JuiceBox PRO 40
979.00 $
Soft Case
75.00 $
J1772 Plug
30.00 $
J1772 Extension Cord
329.99 $
Household 110V Adapter
64.99 $
JuiceBox Dryer 10-30P Adapter
69.99 $
"New" Dryer 14-30P Adapter
69.99 $
Tab for Wall Bracket
19.99 $