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JuiceBox® Pro 32 Commercial Hardwired - Photo


JuiceBox Pro 32 Commercial Charger $998 CAD, include 1 Year Replacement Warranty, Extra:1 year JuiceNet Enterprise Software License fee $99 CAD, Recommended: Initial station Activation and Set up $199 CAD extra.

Commercial Use WiFi-enabled 32-Amp EV Charging Station (Level 2 EVSE) with 24-foot cable Hardwired For Outdoor Installations and for bollard installations.



Commercial JuiceBox Pro 40 Package include:
High charging speed, 32A / 7.7 kW - Works on 40 Amps breaker!
Integration options to on-site energy systems: Unlimited Power Sharing and Smart Grid Charging
Access control: Multi-user authentication - restrict who and when will be using the charger.
Reporting: Complete detailed reporting on the charger usage and who used it, when and how much power was distributed.
LED indicator lights
cUL Listed
1 Year Warranty
1st year JuiceNet Enterprise Software License (Access control, automated reporting) - $99 CAD

Recommended: Initial station Activation and Set up fee $199 CAD. Purchased separately.

Ability to purchase 2 extra years of warranty for $300 CAD. Purchased separately.

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JuiceBox Pro 32 is the same as Home Chargers but a the commercial version of our market-leading residential charging station - a compact, high power, fully ruggedized, and WiFi-equipped EVSE. It will automatically adjust to your EV and output just as much power as your EV is able to accept. A great solution for apartment complex owners and workplace managers who want to provide fast EV charging services to their tenants and employees at affordable cost.

Authorized user support: Configure your EVSE fleet for usage only by permitted users, to charge only at specified times, and to balance charging loads to targeted maximum levels.First year of JuiceNet Enterprise software subscription included.

Billing / Metering data: All charging data (on a time or per session basis) available to manager for billing and monitoring purposes. Access data via web portal, mobile portal, data export. Included for first year with JuiceNet Enterprise Software license.

Future-Proof your Site: Automatic load balancing ensures that you can add new charging stations in the future on existing electrical circuits, thus future proofing your site.

Flexible installation: JuiceBox is designed to be highly variable for installation (hardwire, wall mount, or pedestal mount). Bollards with optional Cable Management system is available at affordable price.

Industrial-strength design : JuiceBox uses solid metal casings and robust cables and plugs, making it durable and reliable.

Convenient and Attractive Design: LED indicator lights provide status on power, WiFi connectivity and charging.

Advanced energy management support: Optional JuiceNet API control lets you coordinate with onsite renewables, stationary storage systems, and building energy management solutions to keep energy costs in check by minimizing unwanted demand peaks and reducing utility demand charges.

Grid Services: Contact our sales team to learn about smart-grid market programs in which utilities and grid operators pay you for charging at the right time.

Emissions Optimized: Optional JuiceNet Green feature minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions of charging an electric vehicle.

Smartphone Control for Drivers: Control time of charge and monitor instantaneous power, amperage and more. Set up automatic notifications, e.g. start and end of charge, unit offline, unit back online, full charge by certain time.

Easy Access: Get access to your real-time and historical charging data on our website or through easy-to-use smartphone apps - Android or iOS.

Indoor and Outdoor Rated.

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