Grizzl-e is the most Simple, Robust and Affordable EVSE with ability to charge at 40A / 10 kW, but also could be set to operate at 16A/24A/32A for situations when your electric panel does not have enough power for 50A breaker.
Output: 40 Amp, 10 KW - Factory set. With DIP switches can be hardware configured to 16A, 24A or 32A output
Charge Rate: 28-30 miles per hour at 40A, 22-25 miles per hour at 32A, 15-18 miles per hour at 24A and 10-12 miles per hour at 16A
Power Requirements: Requires Dedicated 240 V 50 Amp Breaker for 40A output, Dedicated 240V 40 Amp breaker for 32A, Dedicated 240V 30 Amp breaker for 24A, Dedicated 20 Amp breaker for 16A output
Charging level type: Level 2 Charger
Charging cable: 18 Feet
Cable Type: Premium. Sleek design, more protection from the elements, better low temperature handling with Premium Cable.
Wiring: Plug, NEMA 14-50P
Mounting type: Wall Mounted - Mounting bracket with security anti theft features.
Plug type: J1772 – universal to all EV’s
Application: Indoor and Outdoor, NEMA 4 aluminum cast robust enclosure
Operating temperatures: -30 to +50 C
Certification: cUL Field Tested
EasyEVPlug color: conservative Black - watch product videos! It is so robust that we run it over by a truck!

1. More power and output configurations for your money than any other charging station. Simple to use.

2. Made in Canada - able to withstand harsh Canadian climate

3. Save hundreds of dollars on installation - just install a simple 14-50R outlet and you are ready to plug in your Grizzl-e

4. Great for both residential or on-the-road charging: Grizzl-e can be removed from the mounting bracket in seconds if you wish to take it with you as a portable charging option.

5. Indoor and Outdoor rated

6. 3 year Warranty for Residential Use: Charge assured with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty for home usage.

9. Return and Refund Policy - 60 days returns are accepted in unopened original box..

In the package, you will receive:

Your very own Grizzl-e Charger with the following cables already wired in:
A 40-amp 18-foot Regular charging cable (also known as a J1772 cable)
A 14 inch input cable with 14-50P plug
An aluminum quick-release mounting bracket with security pin and mounting screws
An EasyEVPlug black J1772 plug & cable holder - alone with anchors and screws
599.00 $