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EVBOX Commercial Charging Stations

AutoChargers is an EVBOX partner in Canada.
We offer the best hardware prices, Canada wide installations, activation and initial set up, customer support and training.

EVBOX is the leading EVSE manufacturer in the world, with over 55000 EVBOX changers installed across the world, EVBOX shows the leadership in the EVSE market. The durability, quality and build in features of EVBOX BusinessLine products made this charger a bestseller all around the world. It works in the most cold and hot climate around the globe. Its abilities to work on multiple EV networks future proofs your investment as this charger is truly OCPP compliant and you will not be locked into just one network provider. And if you do not want to pay monthly fees, basic Authentication control and Power sharing comes with the EVBOX hardware built in, so you dont need to worry about monthly fees. At any time you would be able to add a network of your choice to the EVBOX if you would decide to charge for charging or to have reporting, control or utility grade control features to your charger.

If you dont have enough power to power up all of your chargers, EVBOX provides excellent solution with Hub configuration where power management feature is also build in the hardware! Connect up to 10 EVBOX BusinessLine chargers on one circuit, set up master-slave configuration and the chain of chargers will control the power and share it between the chain automatically!

Please contact us for the quote. Resellers and partners are welcome!

Specification download

EVBOX, USA or Netherlands
Optional: Cellular signal though various networks: Greenlots, EVconnect, JuiceNet *.
32 Amp, 7.6 KW
Charge Rate:
40 km per hour
Charging cable:
18/25 Foot
Mounting type:
Wall Mounted / Bollard. Retractor system available.
Indoor and Outdoor
Enclosure type:
Operating temperatures:
-30 to +55 C
Smart Features:
Build In Features:
(does not require monthly fees or network connectivity)
RFID Access control: Yes, Any RFID card can be used
Power Sharing: Yes, build in Hub sharing feature
Optional Network Features:
( Not mandatory, but require monthly fees or network connectivity)
Smart Phone App: Yes – Greenlots/EVConnect/JuiceNet
Energy metering: Yes - Greenlots/EVConnect/JuiceNet
Push notifications: Yes - Greenlots/EVConnect/JuiceNet
Smart grid: Yes - JuiceNet
Automatic billing: Yes - Greenlots/EVConnect/JuiceNet
Automatic reporting: Yes - Greenlots/EVConnect/JuiceNet
Owner’s portal: Yes - Greenlots/EVConnect/JuiceNet
Remote Troubleshooting: Yes - Greenlots/EVConnect/JuiceNet
Access control: Yes, build in.
- RFID card: Any RFID Card can be used
- Mobile app
Power sharing group:
Up to 10 units
Software license:
Not required for RFID access control and power sharing.
All other features: Network fees depend on Provider: Greenlots/EVConnect/JuiceNet
Standard Colors:
Choice of White, Dark Grey, Blue, Dark Green, Light Green
OCPP compliance:
OCPP 1.2, 1.5, 1.6S and 1.6J
Status Indication:
LED ring
Depend on Provider
3 years
Customer support:
24/7 Autochargers, Canada
Price per unit:
From CAD 2,300.00
*Upcoming feature