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JuiceBox Quick Start Manual

Quick Start Guide for JuiceBox Pro40

Thank you for purchasing JuiceBox!

After unpacking your JuiceBox, follow these simple instructions to set up. If you have any additional questions, please email us at

Prior to powering up:

- Select mounting location
- Within cable reach of your car.
- Do not install JuiceBox in a location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight (risk of overheating).

- Ensure your electrical panel has adequate power and space
- Dedicate an electrical breaker for your JuiceBox
- Type of breaker depends on your car (most EVs draw 30A maximum). For such an installation, a 40A breaker is ideal.

- Have a 14-50 outlet installed (RV outlet) or have one of our adapters matching your power source - any qualified electrician can install a 14-50 outlet, costing much less than a hardwired EVSE install. This type of outlet can be bought from us, through an electrician, or through a hardware store. Make sure to use the correct wire gauge. Generally, 30A continuous load will require AWG 10 wiring, 40A continuous - AWG 8, and 60A continuous - AWG 6.

- Install a JuiceBox mounting bracket at a selected location, or locations. One of these is included with every JuiceBox order.

- Install a JuiceBox J1772 holder - Some customers select a location close to the car to simplify the management of a long J1772 cable. One of these is also included with every JuiceBox order.

- If you bought a WiFi-equipped JuiceBox - Make sure you have your PC or smartphone ready - you will use them to pair your JuiceBox with your home network.

- Powering up for the first time:
- If installing a JuiceBox Base or 30/40 edition, insert the JuiceBox into the mounting bracket and clip your J1772 plug into a J1772 holder.
- Plug your JuiceBox into a 14-50 outlet and wait for 15-20 seconds. You should hear the main contactor inside the JuiceBox close and immediately open; this is a normal power-on self-test.
- You are now ready to pair your WiFi or charge your car.
- Connect your JuiceBox to the Internet (if WiFi-equipped JuiceBox):
- You will have about 2 minutes to perform the steps below:
- Plug in your JuiceBox to power it up. If your JuiceBox was powered on for more than 30 seconds, power-cycle it (unplug, wait for 15-20 seconds, plug back in).
- On your PC / smartphone, find 'JuiceBox' WiFi network. For the WPA2 password, use: GoElectric.
- Open a browser on that device and go to to join your home network.
- Select your network, enter your password, and connect.
- JuiceBox is online as soon as your server times out.

- If you would like to double check if your JuiceBox is correctly connected:
- Reconnect your PC / phone to your house WiFi.
- In your browser, go to the JuiceBox Control Room and login / register
- Click on 'show all Juiceboxes' and check if there are any JuiceBox IDs behind the same router.
- If you see your new JuiceBox, congratulations - it's connected!
- If you don't see any JuiceBoxes after 5 minutes, repeat the pairing process (same steps as above)

- Note: after every power-cycle (unplugging from the AC outlet), JuiceBox will go into the WiFi setup mode for up to 3 minutes. During this time, no data will be transmitted to our servers. JuiceBox will charge your car normally, but the first couple of minutes of data will be missing. WiFi setup will then time out and the JuiceBox will start transmitting data again.

- Pair your JuiceBox with JuiceBox Smartphone App (optional):
- If you need instructions on how to download the app, go to: Installation Link here
- Use this micro-site to access your JuiceBox data and manage multiple JuiceBox units:
- Go to:
- User Setup: click on 'Update your info' and change your password, email, and name
- JuiceBox Setup: click on 'Register / Update JuiceBox Info' and add JuiceBoxe products to your profile / manage JuiceBox profiles
- JuiceBox Data: click on 'Show all JuiceBoxes' to access your aggregate stats. In a table of all JuiceBoxes you added to your profile, you will find links to real-time data.
- Enjoy your JuiceBox - the World's Most Advanced Residential EV Charging Station!